from Aggressively Edited Interviews No.1


Well, actually I mean, in terms of Anyway, in that.

Well, you pub–publicity Um, Um, and like, I mean, but yeah, things, interesting things

people–you you know, um, Um, you know, you know,

And then the contingencies of, the contingencies of the sort of, you know, you know, uh, you know, aren’t–that are very, that are very–very Um, so, is, is, is you, you sort of–


Well, I mean, I guess the–the, the I mean, Uh, but there’s not, there wasn’t Um, it’s just a different–it’s just a different it’s just sort of not…you know, as well, um, sort of, or or you know, I don’t know, what–in order to, to produce

and that, sort of, um, attempting to sort of, you know, the sort of So um, a sort of how those things, how the form of those things, and so to sort of also, um, uh, a desire So it was sort of also a–I mean about, um, well, something again, in the, at least in the local And so, um, really, I mean, to ask–rather than like, sort of expected sort of ideas and and you know, Sort of like, well, and, um, and maybe kind of, more heightened, uh, So, not simply, you know, not that there’s anything, not that that can’t be uh, practice, in like, But also, you know, like people who, you know, bring Um,

and then also, I mean also, the, the, the thing that’s coming up, I mean, sort of–you can’t just like

anyways–the idea was sort of also, like, and sort of, well, what about–I’m also interested in you know, we talked about other people in other locations too.

I mean, um, well it’s, very–it’s not simply well, Right? So, you know, to delete, to, to, um, combat? Uh–


I mean, because, you–the police Um, and then that to–I mean, as I understand it, of course, you know, um, you wouldn’t, you know, I mean, you have here, but not formal, like, you know, you wouldn’t be like, I don’t know, Um, there’s not, like, a history of that, um, But, then–you know, And so, So, you know, and then, you know, and then, and of course, they play out–of course um, in terms of So, those kinds of things that are different, and then also, just the specifics You know, um, uh uh poets, sort of, you know, my sense is that like, so, anyways, at this point, but, I mean, I think that those, that would have been something that, if we had had more than two days, uh, in some ways it was Uh–


Yeah, my own–

My familiarity I mean, I know that–broad generalization, but–you know, changed very radically over the last, you know, eight, ten years. Um, I mean, that’s also very self-description. I mean, sort of met other people and got turned onto went a certain way, now, at the very least, Um, you know, you often get people who come here who aren’t necessary, who might be, but aren’t necessarily, that are, you know, uh, but because of, or just sort of the sense of what’s going on here But, maybe–gross generalization–it’s never, it’s a little bit.

But of course here, there were, you know, here, that weren’t I mean, that last day There’s somebody, um, and a couple people, uh, and I feel there were two or three other So, which is,

It’s quite, it’s quite, and you know,

Well, yeah, um. I mean that’s, you need

I mean, if we had the money, for sure.


1 thought on “from Aggressively Edited Interviews No.1

  1. Lainni.

    Well, you know, it’s all about Art. Art and Sadness. And Love. The Sadness Love. The Art inside a Heart. About a feeling, you know.
    Just Congruence.

    [Edit it: another paragraph.]


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