Monthly Archives: September 2014

Occupations / Inhabitations

The students in Divya Victor’s writing class at Nanyang Technological Institute in Sinapore “occupied” almost any shit will do. They had 15 minutes to collaborate and “live in” the text as part of enacting many different readings of the book.

Here are some of the photos from their inhabitations, with captions written from Divya Victor’s facebook:

occupy1they said: “we wrote white on white,” “threads coming together,” “conflict of desire in writing about political movements,” “the poem must explode its envelope”


they said: “when ripped apart these words are senseless until they recombine; become collectives,” “the ink is a stain, connective”

occupy3they said: “the poem becomes a kind of Rorschach test”

occupy4they said: “we wanted to do all the work by pasting and overlay, but left the last part of the peeling to the reader. the reader should be able to do something to it”

occupy5they said: “taken separately the body/parts are senseless, but when seen together there is a logic there, coming through”


they said: “the charge of verbs changes with movement, we wanted to create more movements”


(this is writing using the grime on the wheels of a chair) the poem was read: “crushing whiteness/whiteness crushing”