work / play

We stood at a distance from the fence or perched on stands      The crowd had gathered. / The plaster had fallen from the ceiling      The windows wouldn’t shut      Over a hundred of us were crowded together. / in the desert of desire. / we are the “largest,” the “most beautiful,” and the “most expensive.”      No one expects [us] to last more than a few decades. / together we invented the artificial mountain / others) are falling into a pit of flames where we stand face to face / We cannot know for certain. The best we can do is suggest alternatives. / with a huge, inert body (the countryside) and a tiny brain (the city). / as if drunk from a happiness that no one else could understand      this unexpected meeting, /

Someone pretended to burst with laughter. But others were ashamed. / We met a couple buddies      their long pink toes poking out / They are haunted by no ghosts and the past does not seem to be part of the present. / Something happened. It happened rather suddenly. / just a crazy idea and becoming more and more practical /

Occasionally, you get an entire day’s play. / A strange thing began to happen      People began to report seeing groups of citizens lining up at seemingly random locations around the country, often very early in the morning. / People were gathering in ones and twos / much better      than playing with metaphors. / I wandered up and down the street. / an accurate account of an alcoholic odyssey / a pair of amorous horses / “We are not dead; come on get us,” / “Perhaps sometime in the future geology may be taken more seriously than it is now.”

I don’t feel guilty      The long uninterrupted grey of the sky and sea is a huge joke. / [Start] up from [your] enchanted sleep      [cry] out pathetically. / You have no sense of shame, propriety, or fairness! / Some people take life hard. / What are you hesitating for?  Exhaust the range of [your] erotic arts! / What has made it possible for us to live long enough for this to occur? / “You can stop there”      “You may go on.” / “We’re quits, we’re quits!” / “How absurd!” / This is important. / It maintains the brokenness / in a word: “desire.” / This experience often gave them a sense of meaning and purpose, / in real life      responses might not always feel scripted. / Now, reach over and give your CPU a great big hug. / fly past as lazily as hummingbirds. Armor-piercing, hollow point hummingbirds. / perform tricks, tell jokes, make faces–anything / Stop the car and jump out into traffic.

I met up with Kevin von Mutant at Moe’s Books in December 2013. We started at the top floor and made our way to the bottom in our usual trickle down method. Along the way, opening books at random and writing down one line per book. Kevin, with a voice recorder, seeking lines on work. I, with my pen, seeking play.


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