AND and everything that clings to it (excerpt)

For a few years now, I’ve been thinking about the etymology of the word “and.” “And” is a rhizomatic word, a word that accumulates, that mimics the motion of becoming, that gestures toward new entryways, additions, a word that builds, not unlike the Winchester house, onto the body of a sentence. “And” is an alchemical word. It begins in our DNA. It winds around us. It stutters forward and haunts our bodies, our edges, our permutations. If I have a poetics, it is related to the word “and.” –Andrea Rexilius, I: The Lyric Self as Rhizome


distress–not because you    feel pain, but because it brings you

these, and all other things,    attempt, and spin out a continuous    earth or sea    sea or the sky that covers     nothing but inert matter    no yet, shining    the world, or waxing    horns, or the earth hovering in    weight, or watery     there was land and sea    sea and air, it was unstable    hard, and weight with weightless

swarm behavior, or swarming    the same spot or perhaps moving en masse    en masse or migrating    insects, but can also be    schooling or schooling    are algae and are not self-propelled    an earthquake swarm, or a swarm of stars

events and debates    wars and revolutions    their destructive potential or justify their actual     effectiveness and nearly all    not victory, and the arms race    more and more    force, or strength    it justifies and which are needed    good or ill luck    the battlefield, and this intrusion    a “random event” and find it    theories, and the like.    in these matters, not even and ultimate certainty    is neither a secret death wish    the human species, nor and irrepressible    aggression, not, finally    finally and more plausibly,    economic and social dangers    in disarmament, but the simple    rule, and the sovereignty of     unchecked and unlimited power    of freedom and sovereignty    part and parcel of    of the land, and–as Justice    such clearheaded and proud separation from    language and conceptual    forgotten, and the American    for better and for worse    was preceded and accompanied by    the nation-states and its concept of    obsoleteness, and the fact that    without nuclear and biological weapons    –with or without its implied    social and behavioral    obvious and “most profound    usefulness but its    routine processes and routine occurrences    never anything but projections    automatic processes and procedures,    do not act and if nothing unexpected    for better or worse    worse, and every accident    moves and where it finds    unpredicted, and unpredictable happenings    irrelevance or the famous “dustbin    theory, but at the price of    further and further from reality    present trends, but that because of    nothing else but our mental organ    understanding, and dealing with reality    reality and factuality.

This then takes us    the nature and principle of    memory-not just    human beings and not just in the    kingdom; not even just in the realm    life-but in the universe as    an evolutionary and holistic world view.

…And I found that     well. And I said that     speak and good to hear     to hear and good to give     to give and good to receive     to receive and good to be poor     to be poor and good to be rich.     rich and how     to give and to receive?     gives and the water stone receives;     woven together and all things     apart and all things are mingled     mingled and all things combined     combined and all things mixed     mixed and all things separated     separated and all things are moistened     moistened and all things are dried     are dried and all things bud     bud and all things blossom     by method and by weight     interlacing and separation     of breathing in and breathing out     increasing and decreasing.     by division and union come     is both of the virtue and the bond of

thermodynamic and physics,     you and you are

free energy and therefore can no longer sustain     computation and life.)     Heat differences or other processes of     thermodynamics) and extrapolated

density filling space homogeneously, or scalar fields,     quintessence or moduli,     dynamic time and space–     accelerates the space between clusters     undetectably long wavelengths and low energies.     years, but eventually     run out of fuel and cease to shine     slowly and inexorably grow darker,

“I: The Lyric Self as Rhizome” by Andrea Rexilius


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