re-defining the Individual / the Movement (continued…)

imagethe individual (n.): (1) i gave my weight to the hammock before it will have happened; staring up at the water stains on wooden beams in the place where i was still living; (2) what could be called a shed or maybe a garage, out behind the main house; on three of the walls, a variety of doors having been nailed up at irregular angles across the studs, the remaining space patched with scrap boards and pallet slats; makeshift walls insulated with a combination of egg crates, newspapers, and about thirty-thousand one dollar bills; (3) my weight and the momentum, but the ceiling, rocking back and forth in relation to my momentum, was bare and stained by years of water and seemed to be pressing down on me. something is going to happen, i said out loud to the ceiling. this speaking hollowed out the space of the shed. an act of air. the body-feeling is scraping the meat from the wall of an underripe avocado. something is going to happen and i will not want it to have happened; (4) before climbing up into the hammock i had gathered myself into the skin of my soft black fur and touched the folds of each of my soft black ears. (5) this way of being other as a way of being ready; (6) the light was grainy and it was going and it was almost time. i gathered myself. i found myself ungathered. the air in the room having been scraped it. it was getting harder to breathe. the ceiling collapsing the space that held it up. the compressed air of we. a foreboding. the grain of the sky through the ceiling. the rocking stopped. i was not comforted. (7) a panda bear climbs down from a hammock to the dusty concrete, walks out of the leaning shed, locking the padlock behind it, a clutter of keys in the greying. you see the endangered creature. later, edges blurring in the center of the street as if stepped into: the future present. you see it, the creature, frothing with the others, you see it pushing a pulsing speaker strapped to a wheelchair. something undefined blaring out. in this way that all poets could also be thought of as endangered. (8) it, approaching from the space of what could have been; it, approaching tangent to the shaking lines of our bodies; some other way of moving through; (9) what is the shape that means: to meet?

the movement (n.): (1) a stutter; the moment reiterates itself through bodies, with difference, as words repeated falter, the distance of your body from the body with the megaphone. meaning lags, becomes diffuse; (2) the echo that clings to the body in the hours between twitter feeds, you begin re repeating their words, to amplify the urgency; so that the others will hear the body’s voices. to collapse this city’s distance, collapsing neighborhoods, folding the flat plane: this is not working. (3) someone says hello HELLO how are you HOW ARE YOU someone says i haven’t seen you in awhile I HAVEN’T SEEN YOU are you doing okay OKAY someone says ma’am MA’AM says sir SIR says do you have a cigarette DO YOU HAVE can you spare CAN YOU some change CHANGE? says fucking bitch BITCH.

the individual (n.): (1) the silence, too, is amplified through repetition; (2)





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