I woke with a nosebleed. A curl of blood coming out of. Premonition, u said. The body anticipates. When I was a child, u said. Nosebleeds. Would happen. Often. A premonition in the body. Something bad, u said, Would always happen after. I won’t go into it, u said, The bad, not this time. And we will know from the curl of blood that something was coming. The body, u said, and I believed you, anticipates the event. U said I believe you, anticipating the knot and splinter. Fracture in the body, when I was a child I won’t go and e would know. Fingers curl around lip and the HAZEL child nosebleeds in wake. Prepositions are orientation, I believe u, I believe u, I won’t go. But when I force my body in motion, sinuses release and ultraviolet blur escape cramp. Everything in motion.

by emji spero and joel farris
from a conversation with tessa micaela


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